Bout to get that werk

img_4112Yes! I’m in the gym as we speak. I’m doing some arm curls and some squats. Booty about to be on 🔥. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to get in the gym and work with the weights. I’m going to be honest with you. School set me back big time. School, work, kids, friends and trying to get to the gym got me nothing but SICK AND STRESSED. I had to 🛑, take a break and take care of me. But now I’m back to working out consistently and ready for this new body I’m trying to invest in. It’s going to take some strong dedication. Believe me I’m down for it. I didn’t want to get up this morning but I promised myself I would get in shape, not just for this upcoming summer, but to change my whole lifestyle. It’s going to take some major time. I think I’m ready. Wait, I know I’m ready. Well at least, I made sure I stretched before doing anything this time. Last time I worked out without stretching got me a pulled muscle and those are no laughing matter. I couldn’t walk for days. Another set back. Well the tread mill is waiting for me. No one else is in this gym but me so I really have no rush, but that would be another excuse…so I might as well get started with my cool down. Well bloggers gotta go. Till next time. “It’s a mental thing, you wouldn’t understand.”

Purpose driven what?


I like spending time alone to think without the influence of others. I like my own space to be myself. I love gazing at the sun rising. It looks so beautiful. In this space, I chuckle at my own jokes, I journal and dance but most of the time, I relax in silence to envision, and reflect on my own purpose. I know I’m not the only one that’s curious about their existence. Am I created for the benefit of others, maybe it’s to teach others a lesson, maybe it’s to help others grow, maybe….maybe…… maybe…… UGH! Can God just give me some sort of hint here? Has he given me a numerous amount of hints already? Can a letter magically appear in front of me with guided instructions on what path I should focus on? I mean, I’m trying to figure this thing out before I expire. Finding my purpose has been extremely challenging. I am a Gemini (that should explain it all) and I can’t focus on a single thing.

Nevertheless, I realize that finding my purpose takes action to implement the kind of like I want to live. I struggle with believing that I’ve been living my life the wrong way. What if this is my journey? Am I here to seek self- discovery only? I think once I learn my true self, my strengths, my skills, travel and see the world, learn different languages and be fulfilled with that then I have found my purpose. I honestly think I’m here to motivate others. We all ask ourselves these questions. Well, until then, I have to continue to believe that it is never too late to begin living the life I want. Have you found your purpose yet?

My soul is on 🔥🔥


I’m the type of chic that normally needs motivation to do anything. But when my soul is on fire, you’ll catch me up in the morning just dancing my little heart out. (My little cardio sessions). Sometimes I feel like I just need a break from life, kids, my job, and all the other stresses people outside my home bring me. I go into my little shell and just talk to myself and let loose. Sometimes I wish I was a 🐢. Other times I wish I had a genie so I could wish people out of my life. Ok…let me stay focused.

So my soul is on fire right?!? I got out of bed this morning and danced until I broke a real sweat. (Not the kind where you don’t have to shower afterwards). And It felt great.  Just in that moment I felt free, only me. I took off all my other hats.
I wasn’t mommy, sister, auntie, daughter, cousin, nurse, teacher, counselor, gymnastics coach, student, specialist, none of that. I finally took some time out for me. How many hats do you wear? And what do you do to find time for yourself? I like to dance.

Where’s my workout buddy???

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You don’t need a workout buddy to workout, unless you were doing some type of position that involved two people, but you’d probably have to check out a different blog for that type of information…LOL.  And I’m sure WHATEVER that position looked like, someone in the gym would love to assist you, WHEN YOU GET THERE.

I thought I needed a workout buddy until my workout buddy never made it to the gym.  Here I am trying to justify why I can never lose weight.  I blamed others for my happiness.  It dawned on me that I am the reason, for that season I was stuck in and trust and believe, we all have seasons. This was my WINTER season.   I committed myself to stop waiting on others to change my life.   I decided it was time to change, change who I thought I was, and to change what I thought I needed in order to become a better me.  I started to believe I COULD do it alone… (I started feeling like the Little engine that Could)….LOL.  I used to love that book as a child.  I realized, I was happy doing it alone, besides it gave me time to reflect on my growth as a person. I was able to change my mindset, I got rid of the negative self talk and welcomed more positive talk in my life.  I’m glad I changed for the better.  When will you?     “It’s a mental thing, you wouldn’t understand”.

Change your mindset…….



Ever think about changing your habits?  It’s hard right?  On average, it takes more than two months before a new behavior becomes automatic- 66 days to be exact.  A new habit can vary in range to form depending on the behavior, the person, and the circumstances.  For the most part, it starts with you.  Find that annoying habit that’s been haunting you, and work on changing it.  My habit is procrastination.  We have 66 days.  Let’s GOOOOOOOOOOOOO…..

“It’s a mental thing, you wouldn’t understand”

When you think about doing it, you’re re half way there..


Yep, you read it right.  I didn’t come to PLAY, I came to SLAY………Ok!   I knocked out 150 crunches at half time y’all . My abs are on fire. But we need those abs to come through honey….. let’s do this ladies….. I’m here for y’all.   I even danced with JT (Justin Timberlake).  “It’s a mental thing you wouldn’t understand”. Let’s go Philly.. back to the game I go…  oh yessss,  I’m about to whip this body into shape for real..

Sitting down right now???

Me too.  So I was one of those work out junkies that always told myself, when-ever I’m sitting down watching television, I’d work out whenever a commercial came on.  Well I’m watching the Super bowl game right now and I still haven’t moved after about 7 or 8 commercials in.  I know I’m not the only one.  But hey! It’s ok because in my mind I’m working out  We all do it.   Right!!!!….. At least that’s what we want to believe.  Tonight,  I challenge you to do at least 10 leg lifts on each side (just lift your leg  slowly in front of you)  don’t forget to point that foot.  Lift the other leg and BOOM!!!!  you worked out for the night. at least,  because you know your into the game. There you go, that feels better right?   5 kicks are better than none.   Well back to the E-A-G-L-E-S game I go.   I’m going to do as many squats I can do when the next commercial comes on.  Who’s with me?  Let’s do this.    “It’s a mental thing you wouldn’t understand”

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