Where’s my workout buddy???

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You don’t need a workout buddy to workout, unless you were doing some type of position that involved two people, but you’d probably have to check out a different blog for that type of information…LOL.  And I’m sure WHATEVER that position looked like, someone in the gym would love to assist you, WHEN YOU GET THERE.

I thought I needed a workout buddy until my workout buddy never made it to the gym.  Here I am trying to justify why I can never lose weight.  I blamed others for my happiness.  It dawned on me that I am the reason, for that season I was stuck in and trust and believe, we all have seasons. This was my WINTER season.   I committed myself to stop waiting on others to change my life.   I decided it was time to change, change who I thought I was, and to change what I thought I needed in order to become a better me.  I started to believe I COULD do it alone… (I started feeling like the Little engine that Could)….LOL.  I used to love that book as a child.  I realized, I was happy doing it alone, besides it gave me time to reflect on my growth as a person. I was able to change my mindset, I got rid of the negative self talk and welcomed more positive talk in my life.  I’m glad I changed for the better.  When will you?     “It’s a mental thing, you wouldn’t understand”.

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