My soul is on 🔥🔥


I’m the type of chic that normally needs motivation to do anything. But when my soul is on fire, you’ll catch me up in the morning just dancing my little heart out. (My little cardio sessions). Sometimes I feel like I just need a break from life, kids, my job, and all the other stresses people outside my home bring me. I go into my little shell and just talk to myself and let loose. Sometimes I wish I was a 🐢. Other times I wish I had a genie so I could wish people out of my life. Ok…let me stay focused.

So my soul is on fire right?!? I got out of bed this morning and danced until I broke a real sweat. (Not the kind where you don’t have to shower afterwards). And It felt great.  Just in that moment I felt free, only me. I took off all my other hats.
I wasn’t mommy, sister, auntie, daughter, cousin, nurse, teacher, counselor, gymnastics coach, student, specialist, none of that. I finally took some time out for me. How many hats do you wear? And what do you do to find time for yourself? I like to dance.

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