Purpose driven what?


I like spending time alone to think without the influence of others. I like my own space to be myself. I love gazing at the sun rising. It looks so beautiful. In this space, I chuckle at my own jokes, I journal and dance but most of the time, I relax in silence to envision, and reflect on my own purpose. I know I’m not the only one that’s curious about their existence. Am I created for the benefit of others, maybe it’s to teach others a lesson, maybe it’s to help others grow, maybe….maybe…… maybe…… UGH! Can God just give me some sort of hint here? Has he given me a numerous amount of hints already? Can a letter magically appear in front of me with guided instructions on what path I should focus on? I mean, I’m trying to figure this thing out before I expire. Finding my purpose has been extremely challenging. I am a Gemini (that should explain it all) and I can’t focus on a single thing.

Nevertheless, I realize that finding my purpose takes action to implement the kind of like I want to live. I struggle with believing that I’ve been living my life the wrong way. What if this is my journey? Am I here to seek self- discovery only? I think once I learn my true self, my strengths, my skills, travel and see the world, learn different languages and be fulfilled with that then I have found my purpose. I honestly think I’m here to motivate others. We all ask ourselves these questions. Well, until then, I have to continue to believe that it is never too late to begin living the life I want. Have you found your purpose yet?

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