Diets don’t work for me


I’m literally sitting in my bed scrolling through my timeline on Facebook.  I’m supposed to be at the gym, but the thought of going has already escaped my mind. First of, let me tell you about my diet I tried for almost two weeks. What a failure. I wasn’t getting any protein, well the proper requirement to keep me at a functional level.  After a while, I was feeling drained. I was close to almost passing out just sitting at my desk at work.  Ok, so let me break it down, then you can tell me what I’ve been doing wrong.  In the morning, 8:30 to be exact, I would eat a bowl of oat meal with honey and granola. I heard it’s good for the heart too. I wouldn’t get hungry again till about 1:00 which seemed about right, being that I take my lunch exactly at 1:30 everyday.  The monotony of my schedule drove me insane that day so I decided to take lunch at 1:35, big difference right?!?  Threw my supervisor off though… lol (Pats self on the back).

Anyhow, lunch time, I would eat a salad, with raspberry vinegarette dressing, topped with tuna, 1 sliced egg and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt for some added flavor and an orange on the side.   After eating that, I could feel the hunger pains digging in my side, maybe that was just gas. Whatever it was it was very uncomfortable.  For dinner, I would eat a peice of fish and again, a salad without the tuna.  Of course I switched it up and had black beans, kale and rice in soup form that I made and ate for two days strait, only because I didn’t want any food to go to waste.  It’s still in the fridge so I definitely lied to myself.  I’ll throw it away tomorrow, or am I lying again?!?  After the first couple of days I was satisfied with what I had accomplished.  And that’s all that matters…

Fail #1

I have to be candid with myself and set attainable goals.  What was I thinking by putting myself on a plant based diet cold turkey. Oh yeah, I failed to mention I was on a plant based diet. Nothing plant based about tuna or fish right.  Nothing wrong with a plant based diet, I’m just NOT strong enough to do it at the moment only because I need more knowledge about it and I’m still learning what I can and cannot eat, recipes, and about desserts, if any.  Plus, i don’t want to be on a diet that has no excitement to it.  Looking forward to eating grass anyone?!?  Ok I was joking.

Fail #2

That Patti labell pie… yeah, I should have left that at Walmart.  Don’t worry, I flushed it with water by consuming half my body weight (80oz).  Got me a couple of bathroom trips and a now needed Drs note for work 🤦🏾‍♀️.  Has anyone had sweet potatoes without added sugar?!? Can someone please give me some advice? I can’t do his without y’all. Oh wait I can ask SIRI..  she seems to have all the answers.


On the bright side, two failures aren’t that bad.  We all fall, dust ourselves off and get back up again.  So overall, I stopped my plant based diet for now.  I feel like I lose too much weight when I only eat salads and no proteins sooooooo, I just decided to take out all sweets and no red meats.  Yay! Go me!  That seems to be working just fine for me.  I still drink my water to flush it the toxins and guess what?!?  My skin is looking much better than ever.  Still not perfect but no one is. I just started eating in proportions and am doing great.  There is always something we want to change about ourselves and that’s ok. As long as you change for you and the better, never for anyone else.

Well, if you all have any ideas as to what I can do to maintain something.  I would really appreciate the advice.  What are your diet regimens, do you meal plan? Everyone has something that works for them.  What works for you may not work for me, but it doesn’t beat a try. Below is a picture of what my oatmeal looked like.  It was soooo good.


#its a mental thing you wouldn’t understand…..

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