Finally back in the gym…

As much as I try to push others, I need 10x as much motivation to push myself. I’ll be honest, it’s been almost two weeks since I’ve been to the gym. Although, I was still working out at home, it’s nothing like lifting weights, having people steal your workouts and gawking at you because they now notice your waist line. I miss that. But fortunately I can return with a positive mindset and the ability to push myself and others as I prance around in my one piece yoga suit that seems to fit a bit too snug. The comfort level in this thing is (-5).  The guys love it though. My boyfriend just nods his head with every bit of confidence as I am a reflection of him anyways. Right on… right on.  He’s so freaking handsome and doesn’t mind the stares.

Steps for succeeding in the gym

1. Be positive

2. Know what you’re doing

3. Don’t watch others (if u can help it).

4. Be confident

5. Kiss those arms of yours (muah)

6. Look in the mirror and say “DAAAAMN”

7. Kick ass (keep your hands to yourself)

8. Smile “A LOT”

9. Breath

10. Do it all over again


Okay, maybe these won’t exactly work for all of you, but it’ll work for some. It works for me.

Excersices I did today..

1. Flutter kicks

2. legs circles

3. Leg lifts

4. Crunches

5. Walked a mile on the tread mill

I’ll knock this out and do the same exercise for a week. Oh and everything isn’t for everybody. Do what works for you!!!




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