Welcome to Mental Body Werk! I believe I move a little different from others. I hope that as you read some of my blogs, I can sway you from your normal thinking and motivate you into some action.  I see myself as a mental motivator. “GET UP” and “MOVE NOW”! Ok, that’s not too convincing.  I am a dancer and like to think I’m very much into fitness.  I like to inspire people to dance so they can experience what it’s like to feel free.  I also love working out, so I try to motivate others to work out, so they know what it feels like to find their own strength.  Sometimes, we need others to inspire us, to change our mindset, and to help us bring out the best in us.  You are welcome to sway with me.  You can sway in many different directions, but make sure you sway the right way. I’m on a journey to transform myself and others to think and move with a different attitude.  My attitude is Optimism.  I may need a little inspiration from time to time too.  TOODLES for now…

“It’s a mental thing, you wouldn’t understand”.