Finally back in the gym…

As much as I try to push others, I need 10x as much motivation to push myself. I’ll be honest, it’s been almost two weeks since I’ve been to the gym. Although, I was still working out at home, it’s nothing like lifting weights, having people steal your workouts and gawking at you because they now notice your waist line. I miss that. But fortunately I can return with a positive mindset and the ability to push myself and others as I prance around in my one piece yoga suit that seems to fit a bit too snug. The comfort level in this thing is (-5).  The guys love it though. My boyfriend just nods his head with every bit of confidence as I am a reflection of him anyways. Right on… right on.  He’s so freaking handsome and doesn’t mind the stares.

Steps for succeeding in the gym

1. Be positive

2. Know what you’re doing

3. Don’t watch others (if u can help it).

4. Be confident

5. Kiss those arms of yours (muah)

6. Look in the mirror and say “DAAAAMN”

7. Kick ass (keep your hands to yourself)

8. Smile “A LOT”

9. Breath

10. Do it all over again


Okay, maybe these won’t exactly work for all of you, but it’ll work for some. It works for me.

Excersices I did today..

1. Flutter kicks

2. legs circles

3. Leg lifts

4. Crunches

5. Walked a mile on the tread mill

I’ll knock this out and do the same exercise for a week. Oh and everything isn’t for everybody. Do what works for you!!!




Who likes Challenges?!?

Who’s ready?  So the rules are to do a burpee a day and add (1) each day. Let’s knock this out.

Benefits of doing burpees:

1. Burpees make you stronger

2. They are great for a full body strength conditioning exercise. They are very hard to do, but keep believing in yourself and you’ll get them done. My first time I did them, I could only do 5.

3. Burpees work your arms, chest, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and abs.

4. There are different types of burpees but the standard burpees is placing your feet in the ground with your toes pointing forward and your chest out.

5. Remember you are doing a squat so you’ll want to hold your hands out in the front of you for balance ( this is optional).

6. It’s been a while since I’ve done a burpee but here goes nothing.  Y’all got this….  just think positive and say to yourself “I really want this”.

Will you be able to do them all??


Diets don’t work for me


I’m literally sitting in my bed scrolling through my timeline on Facebook.  I’m supposed to be at the gym, but the thought of going has already escaped my mind. First of, let me tell you about my diet I tried for almost two weeks. What a failure. I wasn’t getting any protein, well the proper requirement to keep me at a functional level.  After a while, I was feeling drained. I was close to almost passing out just sitting at my desk at work.  Ok, so let me break it down, then you can tell me what I’ve been doing wrong.  In the morning, 8:30 to be exact, I would eat a bowl of oat meal with honey and granola. I heard it’s good for the heart too. I wouldn’t get hungry again till about 1:00 which seemed about right, being that I take my lunch exactly at 1:30 everyday.  The monotony of my schedule drove me insane that day so I decided to take lunch at 1:35, big difference right?!?  Threw my supervisor off though… lol (Pats self on the back).

Anyhow, lunch time, I would eat a salad, with raspberry vinegarette dressing, topped with tuna, 1 sliced egg and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt for some added flavor and an orange on the side.   After eating that, I could feel the hunger pains digging in my side, maybe that was just gas. Whatever it was it was very uncomfortable.  For dinner, I would eat a peice of fish and again, a salad without the tuna.  Of course I switched it up and had black beans, kale and rice in soup form that I made and ate for two days strait, only because I didn’t want any food to go to waste.  It’s still in the fridge so I definitely lied to myself.  I’ll throw it away tomorrow, or am I lying again?!?  After the first couple of days I was satisfied with what I had accomplished.  And that’s all that matters…

Fail #1

I have to be candid with myself and set attainable goals.  What was I thinking by putting myself on a plant based diet cold turkey. Oh yeah, I failed to mention I was on a plant based diet. Nothing plant based about tuna or fish right.  Nothing wrong with a plant based diet, I’m just NOT strong enough to do it at the moment only because I need more knowledge about it and I’m still learning what I can and cannot eat, recipes, and about desserts, if any.  Plus, i don’t want to be on a diet that has no excitement to it.  Looking forward to eating grass anyone?!?  Ok I was joking.

Fail #2

That Patti labell pie… yeah, I should have left that at Walmart.  Don’t worry, I flushed it with water by consuming half my body weight (80oz).  Got me a couple of bathroom trips and a now needed Drs note for work 🤦🏾‍♀️.  Has anyone had sweet potatoes without added sugar?!? Can someone please give me some advice? I can’t do his without y’all. Oh wait I can ask SIRI..  she seems to have all the answers.


On the bright side, two failures aren’t that bad.  We all fall, dust ourselves off and get back up again.  So overall, I stopped my plant based diet for now.  I feel like I lose too much weight when I only eat salads and no proteins sooooooo, I just decided to take out all sweets and no red meats.  Yay! Go me!  That seems to be working just fine for me.  I still drink my water to flush it the toxins and guess what?!?  My skin is looking much better than ever.  Still not perfect but no one is. I just started eating in proportions and am doing great.  There is always something we want to change about ourselves and that’s ok. As long as you change for you and the better, never for anyone else.

Well, if you all have any ideas as to what I can do to maintain something.  I would really appreciate the advice.  What are your diet regimens, do you meal plan? Everyone has something that works for them.  What works for you may not work for me, but it doesn’t beat a try. Below is a picture of what my oatmeal looked like.  It was soooo good.


#its a mental thing you wouldn’t understand…..

Gym motivation..

Help, I need motivation to get up off the sofa.  The time is now 7:00 pm and I am suppose to be at the gym by 7:30, the latest.  I haven’t even eaten anything yet.  I see all these ads about what I should stuff my mouth with before heading out, but I’m not really in the mood for peanut butter and bananas… ewww. Peanut butter, banana sandwich????  Who created that?  Potassium and protein for the fittest, on bread.  But wait, I thought bread was bad for you?!?  This craze about what and what not to eat drives me nuts. Can’t I eat what I want? I’ll burn it off anyway right? Anyway, I always end up eating right before the gym, then get angry with myself because of what I ate.  That’s what motivates me to go to the gym…. calories.

What to wear to the gym?

Can I NOT wear sweat pants to the gym? I heard that the proper attire for the gym really makes the work out better. Seems like the tighter the gear, the better. But my skin can’t breathe.  How? And why?  Will I squat better when wearing tights opposed to wearing sweatpants or something? Who came up with these rules?!? Idk! It’s all strange to me.  I just want to be comfortable. And men, please stop wearing  grey or gray sweats however you want to spell it.  Big no no.  The print of your manhood shows and it keeps staring at me, but that’s besides the point. How dare your girl OR guy let you walk out the house with those devilish things on.  It’s so right, I mean wrong in every way.  That’s what motivates me to go to the gym.  Clearly, I’m kidding.

But really, what motivates you all to go to the gym.

Commitment Issues


First things first, I have to admit that I have commitment issues.  I thought my relationship with planet fitness was over y’all.  It’s been a struggle. I made a commitment to myself that I would go to the gym at least three times a week and lift.  Mannnnn, I’ve been making it twice a week, once a week, four times a week and sometimes not at all. But I realize it’s ok, when you’re first starting out.  There will be days when you don’t want to go anywhere.  It’s strange that I keep making promises with others and fulfill their needs but can’t seem to keep a promise I make with myself.  Commitment comes with dedication, trust and the truth.  I need to trust my process, be dedicated to the process, be true to myself, set an attainable goal and make it happen.

I was back in the gym tonight, working on my arms with my boo thang.  His arms were looking mighty good too.  I wish I had a pic to post for you arm lovers out there. I’m personally a chest girl, I love a strong, toned chest. Oh and the V area, LAWD help us.  But It felt good to be back in the gym thought. I have to stay committed and try to keep writing for all of you all.  I’m going Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. I’ll be working on my chest and back. I’m trying to loose 10 lbs before the summertime.  Well let’s get back on this journey.  Who is with me?  “It’s a mental thang, you wouldn’t understand”

Bout to get that werk

img_4112Yes! I’m in the gym as we speak. I’m doing some arm curls and some squats. Booty about to be on 🔥. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to get in the gym and work with the weights. I’m going to be honest with you. School set me back big time. School, work, kids, friends and trying to get to the gym got me nothing but SICK AND STRESSED. I had to 🛑, take a break and take care of me. But now I’m back to working out consistently and ready for this new body I’m trying to invest in. It’s going to take some strong dedication. Believe me I’m down for it. I didn’t want to get up this morning but I promised myself I would get in shape, not just for this upcoming summer, but to change my whole lifestyle. It’s going to take some major time. I think I’m ready. Wait, I know I’m ready. Well at least, I made sure I stretched before doing anything this time. Last time I worked out without stretching got me a pulled muscle and those are no laughing matter. I couldn’t walk for days. Another set back. Well the tread mill is waiting for me. No one else is in this gym but me so I really have no rush, but that would be another excuse…so I might as well get started with my cool down. Well bloggers gotta go. Till next time. “It’s a mental thing, you wouldn’t understand.”

Purpose driven what?


I like spending time alone to think without the influence of others. I like my own space to be myself. I love gazing at the sun rising. It looks so beautiful. In this space, I chuckle at my own jokes, I journal and dance but most of the time, I relax in silence to envision, and reflect on my own purpose. I know I’m not the only one that’s curious about their existence. Am I created for the benefit of others, maybe it’s to teach others a lesson, maybe it’s to help others grow, maybe….maybe…… maybe…… UGH! Can God just give me some sort of hint here? Has he given me a numerous amount of hints already? Can a letter magically appear in front of me with guided instructions on what path I should focus on? I mean, I’m trying to figure this thing out before I expire. Finding my purpose has been extremely challenging. I am a Gemini (that should explain it all) and I can’t focus on a single thing.

Nevertheless, I realize that finding my purpose takes action to implement the kind of like I want to live. I struggle with believing that I’ve been living my life the wrong way. What if this is my journey? Am I here to seek self- discovery only? I think once I learn my true self, my strengths, my skills, travel and see the world, learn different languages and be fulfilled with that then I have found my purpose. I honestly think I’m here to motivate others. We all ask ourselves these questions. Well, until then, I have to continue to believe that it is never too late to begin living the life I want. Have you found your purpose yet?