Change your mindset…….



Ever think about changing your habits?  It’s hard right?  On average, it takes more than two months before a new behavior becomes automatic- 66 days to be exact.  A new habit can vary in range to form depending on the behavior, the person, and the circumstances.  For the most part, it starts with you.  Find that annoying habit that’s been haunting you, and work on changing it.  My habit is procrastination.  We have 66 days.  Let’s GOOOOOOOOOOOOO…..

“It’s a mental thing, you wouldn’t understand”


When you think about doing it, you’re re half way there..


Yep, you read it right.  I didn’t come to PLAY, I came to SLAY………Ok!   I knocked out 150 crunches at half time y’all . My abs are on fire. But we need those abs to come through honey….. let’s do this ladies….. I’m here for y’all.   I even danced with JT (Justin Timberlake).  “It’s a mental thing you wouldn’t understand”. Let’s go Philly.. back to the game I go…  oh yessss,  I’m about to whip this body into shape for real..

Sitting down right now???

Me too.  So I was one of those work out junkies that always told myself, when-ever I’m sitting down watching television, I’d work out whenever a commercial came on.  Well I’m watching the Super bowl game right now and I still haven’t moved after about 7 or 8 commercials in.  I know I’m not the only one.  But hey! It’s ok because in my mind I’m working out  We all do it.   Right!!!!….. At least that’s what we want to believe.  Tonight,  I challenge you to do at least 10 leg lifts on each side (just lift your leg  slowly in front of you)  don’t forget to point that foot.  Lift the other leg and BOOM!!!!  you worked out for the night. at least,  because you know your into the game. There you go, that feels better right?   5 kicks are better than none.   Well back to the E-A-G-L-E-S game I go.   I’m going to do as many squats I can do when the next commercial comes on.  Who’s with me?  Let’s do this.    “It’s a mental thing you wouldn’t understand”

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